Fusion Interactive Weathers the Storm

September 21, 2015
Fred White

Atlanta, GA — September 21, 2015 — During a much publicized outage for the Amazon Web Services cloud computing infrastructure, Fusion Interactive Group’s business infrastructure platform — which utilizes Amazon Web Services extensively — made it through the night unscathed, while many large organizations experienced service disruptions and downtime, impacting millions of customers around the globe. This was made possible by Fusion’s forward-thinking and customer-focused engineering team who have learned not only to expect that failures will happen, but to embrace that fact and build robust systems that are designed from the ground up to work while others are failing. Major companies and online services like Netflix, IMDb, Tinder, reddit, Amazon’s own Prime Video service, and many others suffered service disruptions and often left their customers without service. Fusion Interactive’s systems were not impacted at all, and no customers experienced any loss of service.

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